India is a country of SME (42,5 million small and medium enterprises with around 500 listed) companies with huge growth potential and investment opportunities. According to BSE SME IPO index (which measures performance of SMEs listed via IPOs), there is a growing appetite for IPOs of SME companies due to reasonable valuations, strong returns and firm growth trajectories.

AARYANA Matasco offers perfect blend of IR/PR strategies and communication solutions to SME companies for “Enabling New Age SME PR & Corporate Communications Culture” and creating awareness (in the target markets across India) and enhancing Investor participation in their IPOs.

@PUBLIC RELATIONS: PR is a critical component to an effective marketing strategy and is a valuable business tool for SMEs and brands across various verticals. AARYANA through its integrated marketing communications approach supports clients successfully launch  #IPOs and create pre-during and- listing buzz and also supports companies in maintaining effective investor engagement and consistency in communication post the IPO. 

@INVESTOR RELATIONS: IR helps companies Listed on BSE SME & NSE Emerge protect and enhance enterprise value through financial storytelling and effective IR programming. We help clients in developing a compelling narrative that best resonates with the financial community and then building an investor communications program that effectively enhances positive perception and accomplishes clients financial PR objectives.

AARYANA supports clients in all facets of developing and implementing IPO roadshows (in key markets across India) investor/analyst/brokers events.

This includes advising on developing the agenda, counseling and support in creating presentations and other content, spoke person message coaching and organizing logistics such as venue selection and related itinerary.

We also help clients determine the most appropriate media strategy for the event and can work directly with media on the day of the event to ensure appropriate coverage.

AARYANA helps clients strengthen earnings materials, presentations, IR website, and digital media presence. Assist in earnings preparation and messaging, (press release, media interactions, Q&As)

  • SME and main board IPO (PR & IR- Communication & Marketing) Mandates Handled By Us
Sr No Company Issue Size Issue Subscribed no of times Listing Gains/Loss
1 RKEC Projects Ltd Rs 28.70  cr 18.23 20%
2 Share India Securities Ltd Rs 26.37 cr 3.87 20%
3 Dynamic Cable Ltd Rs 23.38 Cr 69.94 20%
4 DP Abhushan Ltd Rs 1660.96  Lacs 39.86 20%
5 Hindcon Chemicals Ltd Rs 7.73 Cr 132.29 20%
6 Vasa Retail Ltd Rs 480 lakh 206 20%
7 Kritika Wires Ltd Rs 1539.84 lakhs 1.99 6.56%
8 Karda Construction Ltd Rs 77.40 Cr 2.54 -24.44%
9 Rajnish Wellnes Ltd Rs 11.98 Cr Fully subscribed 12 %
10 Anmol India Ltd Rs 10.2 cr 1.48 3%
11 Humming Bird Education Ltd Rs 2.15 cr 1.35 5%