ICE Make conducts Seminar on applications of cooling systems

Ice Make Refrigeration Limited (Ice Make), one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of cooling solutions equipment, held a two days seminar for merchant dealers, traders & associates on the various applications of refrigeration and cooling systems in the city at the ICE Make premises. Among the key speakers at the event Dr. A.J. Pandya and Mr. V.K. Ghoda spoke extensively on the applications of refrigeration in dairy industry while Mr. Chandar Sarvagyam presented a detailed case study on the trends in food processing industry.

Mr Chandrakant Patel, Chairman and Managing Director of Ice Make highlighting the importance, key trends and industry outlook said “Without refrigeration and cooling systems it will be nearly impossible to imagine life today. Now-a-days refrigeration and air conditioning find so many applications that they have become very essential for mankind, and without refrigeration and air conditioning the basic fabric of the society will be adversely affected. Similarly, refrigeration has become an essential part of large number of industries such as food chain- from post harvest heat removal to processing, distribution and storage. Refrigeration has also become essential for many chemical and processing industries to improve the standard, quality, precision and efficiency of many manufacturing processes. As India’s population is increasing at a rapid pace and the consumption is growing multifold, the need for new applications of refrigeration & cooling solutions is arising all the time. Ice Make as a key player in the industry is in the forefront in catering to the cooling requirements of various industries. The company serves large number of varied clients and customers by producing innovative cooling & refrigeration solutions to Dairy, Ice-cream, Food Processing, Horticulture, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Cold Chain, Logistics, Hospitals, Hospitality and Retail among others. We have a basket of 50+ refrigeration and cooling solutions products manufactured under four business verticals like Cold Rooms, Commercial Refrigeration, and Industrial Refrigeration, Transport Refrigeration and Ammonia Refrigeration” he said.

The two days extensive seminar apart from covering various topics of interests and subjects, discussions about the future outlook of refrigeration industry, best practices, successful & motivational stories, also included plant visit, educational and learning session on the new technology, products and installation procedures, awards & rewards program among others. The company as a mark of goodwill gesture and token of appreciation presented mementos and certificates to these dealers and associates who participated in large numbers.

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